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Washer and Dryer Repair and Maintenance Tips

Washing Machine Energy Saving Tips

All washing machines, from your granny's outdated wringer washer to the brand new, leading-edge front loading washing machine, require care and routine maintenance to perform better, last longer and operate more effectively to save energy. Laundry appliances are a few of the biggest energy users in the home.

Front loading washers will use a great deal less water than the typical top loader; however, this does not suggest you should hurry out to buy new model! Here are a few washing machine energy saving tips:

  •  Wash laundry in cold water to spare the energy required to heat the water

  • When you can, do full loads. The washer takes an equal amount of energy for any size load, so fill it up.

  • Make use of the high spin cycle to remove as much water as possible before loading the dryer

  • A good maintenance tip is to clean the washing machine by cycling an empty load with vinegar or bleach. This will get rid of mold and mildew inside the drum which might be generating a foul odor

  • Leave the cover open (or open the door on front loading models) to make it possible for the inside to completely dry to minimize mold and mildew buildup

  • Always look over the instruction guide that comes with new appliances for extra information on effective use and care.·   

Danger! Dryer Lint

Eventually the lint accumulation inside the dryer and dryer duct hose comes to be significant and dangerous. Lint is produced in every load of laundry you dry. This lint will accumulate inside the vent tube, removable screen, and inside the dryer. Airflow will be prohibited; the dryer will overheat and produce a fire hazard. Cleaning the lint filter after each and every load is vital, nevertheless it is not enough to prevent the possible danger. The clothes dryer is the most likely appliance to cause a fire.

Some indications to look for are ... clothes are taking a longer time to dry, laundry is very hot at the end of the cycle, the top of the dryer gets quite hot, there is little air coming out of the duct exhaust, there may be a singed smell in the laundry space. Most dryer performance concerns are due to lint accumulation.

Dryer vent inspection and routine maintenance should be performed regularly to ensure dryer safety and efficiency. Besides being a fire hazard, an inadequately vented clothes dryer will cost significantly more money to operate.

Basic maintenance goes a long way ... visit this site often for appliance repair and troubleshooting strategies along with information on how to make home appliances endure longer and perform better.  Call the Yorktown Appliance Doctor at 914-302-0012 to schedule an appointment for washer repair, dryer vent cleaning or service on all home appliances.